SHB 30WH Slim Hand Blender


Slim Hand Blender

  • The world’s thinnest hand blender with handle diameter of a mere 1.65in for easy handling
  • Variable speed control for a gentle start to reduce the risk of splattering

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Main features SHB 30WH

Extra low-noise 150W DC motor with reduced vibration
Bayonet mechanism for simple removal of the blending attachment
Water-resistant speed switch
Stainless steel attachment that can also blend hot meals
Dishwasher-safe attachment
Safety mechanism to protect against accidental operation by children
Double protection of electrical parts against contact with water
Included accessories: 17oz Beaker that also serves as a measuring cup

SHB-30WH-detail_3-(1).pngAdjustable speed

The blender allows you to adapt quickly to any situation, any density or consistency. A system of gradually increasing speed makes this hand blender easy to work with. Starting to mix slowly then gradually increasing the speed prevents ingredients from splashing outside the bowl. Gradually increasing the speed also lets you determine the right speed for various ingredients.


High-quality motor with a 2-year warranty

A hand blender’s endurance and reliability depends on a strong, high-quality motor. We are confident that a great kitchen tool has to offer function, durability and results. Enjoy your blending experience!


Elegant bayonet-style attachment system

The highly practical bayonet attachment system locks in accessories for strong, stable performance and ease of handling.



The slimmest hand blender in the world

The world’s slimmest hand blender* is just over an inch and a half in diameter. The ergonomic handle and slim design feel good in your hand, offering a comfortable and safe use.  Continuous speed control ensures the right speed for all ingredients.


Technical specifications

Plug typeA
ManualEN, ES, FR
Power input150W
Lenght of power cord49.2in
Voltage and frequency120V/60Hz
Package dimensions WxHxD8.9x4.1x0.9in
Accessories17oz Beaker that also serves as a measuring cup
Type of endingsType A (2 pins)


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