Established in 1969
Established in 1969

Sencor was founded in Japan in 1969. Today, SENCOR supplies more than 1,000 types of products in six assortment groups to 35+ countries worldwide.

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Extended warranty

WARRANTY CERTIFICATE (extending warranty to 6 years)

Model: STM 4x-NAA1 stand mixer
For the Sencor STM 4x-NAA1 stand mixer, the importer of Sencor brand products provides consumers
with an extended warranty of four years beyond the two-year legally mandated warranty period, under the conditions indicated below.

Rules for providing the extended warranty:
1. The extended warranty applies solely to defects in the assembly (electric motor).
2. The extended warranty is provided to consumers effective from 2015.
3. The extended warranty does not affect the scope of the warranty required by law.
4. Claims made under the extended warranty will be treated based on the properly completed warranty certificate, the certificate for the extended warranty, and proof of purchase.
5. Claims during the extended warranty period can be resolved only through free-of-charge repair of the product and not through product replacement or withdrawal of the consumer from the purchase contract. Only in the event that  replacement parts are not available will the consumer be provided with a new product of comparable price and parameters.  
6. The purchaser must make the claim without unnecessary  delay, so that the defect does not worsen, and no later than the end of the warranty period.
7. When making a claim, the purchaser must provide the cooperation necessary for verifying the existence of the defect at issue. Only products  that are complete and uncontaminated (for the purposes of complying with hygienic regulations) are accepted for warranty claims.
8. The warranty applies only to new consumer goods sold to the consumer for ordinary domestic use.
9. Except in cases provided for under the legally required warranty, the responsibility of the importer  of Sencor brand products for defects under the extended warranty terminates in the following cases:
 • The product was not used in keeping with the operating manual
 • The product is damaged due to negligent or improper maintenance
 • Accidents  or acts of  God (natural disaster,  fire,  water intrusion, etc.)
 • Inappropriate operating conditions (such as high ambient temperature, high ambient humidity, impacts, etc.)
 • Damage, modification or other intervention into the product performed by an unauthorized person (service)
 • Using the product for an unintended purpose
 • Use of the product  in violation of the user manual, applicable legal regulations and generally known and conventional manners of use
 • The product was not employed for ordinary domestic use, but for commercial operation
 • The product was not used with original or manufacturer-recommended consumable materials (such as filters and micro filters in vacuum cleaners)
 • The product was damaged by contamination
 • When the information  in the documents submitted differs from the information indicated on the product
 • The product has been unprofessionally tampered with, mechanically damaged, etc.

This appendix is an inseparable part of the warranty certificate for the Sencor STM 4x-NAA1 stand mixer.

The company importing this STM 4x-NAA1 Stand Mixer (the “Company”) extends by four years the standard 2-year limited warranty that Sencor grants to consumers for the Sencor 4x Stand Mixer’s electric motor (the “Standard Warranty”).  This Extended Warranty begins when the Standard Warranty expires and continues for four years, and covers any defect in the electric motor’s materials or workmanship. If, during the Extended Warranty period, the motor in your STM 4x-NAA1 Mixer fails or no longer operates in accordance with the user manual, the Company, at its discretion, will repair or replace the motor or mixer. This Extended Warranty is granted to consumers purchasing the Mixer for their personal family or household use, and covers only the original purchaser/gift  recipient who has the original receipt.  This Extended Warranty is subject to the same exclusions as the Standard Warranty (“What  is NOT covered by this warranty?”)  and limitations  (“Disclaimers  and limitations on implied warranties”).  In addition,  for health and safety reasons, the Company will service a mixer only if it is completely clean; there must not be food, food residue, mold or other contaminants on or in the mixer. If requested, you must also cooperate with efforts to duplicate the failures you have experienced.