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Established in 1969
Established in 1969

Sencor was founded in Japan in 1969. Today, SENCOR supplies more than 1,000 types of products in six assortment groups to more than 25 countries worldwide.

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Corporate principles & Responsibilities

Corporate principles

Trust & Honesty
  • Sencor stands for high quality, outstanding design & reliable service. We are honest in our business practice, our goal is to achieve respect from our customers and to deliver high quality user experience globally.

Design & Innovation
  • We are design innovators in the industry. Color and design is always our company focus. We deliver eye-catching design in unique colors which can complement every household around the world. Our appliance product development defines new international standards.

Contribution to Society
  • Our worldwide operational standards our actions are in accordance with legal standards and in relation with human rights, labor relations and environmental protection.

Cooperation and Team Spirit
  • Sencor is a global company supporting open dialog between people from many different cultures and countries. No matter how talented we are as individuals, without cooperation, mutual respect, fairness and team spirit we wouldn’t be able to achieve our goals internationally.

Creating Value
  • Our society has valuable resources, including human resources, materials and information. Our goal is to use these resources to create value-added products and services. We make these products and services available throughout the world, constantly improving to secure sustainable profitable growth and contributing to society by creating value and opportunities.

Corporate Responsibilities

Better Life & Social responsibility
  • SENCOR is socially responsible and we do contribute to better working conditions and living standards worldwide. The more countries in which the company operates, the greater the diversity of requirements it faces. And observing minimum environmental and social standards is not only a matter of corporate responsibility, it also safeguards the company’s reputation. Because the company’s responsibilities no longer stop at the “factory gate”, and SENCOR has the means to influence and shape matters far beyond these boundaries.
  • SENCOR accepts environmental responsibility and is obliged to play a role in climate protection and global responsibility. One of these efforts is recycling of electrical, electronic appliances and waste separation which allowes us to save large amounts of electricity, crude oil, raw materials, water and allowes us to decrease hazardous waste production and greenhouse gas production. This effort is recognized by local authorities and FAST / SENCOR holds the certificate of ECO Ecological Company.
Company Rating:
  • DUN Number: 4A1 proves FAST / SENCOR’s economic health and strength situation and with excellent D&B failure score: 94 with PAYDEX 79 our company FAST / SENCOR also proves its high reliability (Source: D&B, May 2015)
  • ECO – ecological company (Certificate for the Environmental Accounting of the year 2014, Asekol) FAST / SENCOR  has received for the 10th year by collecting and recycling old products. Measurable savings include 15 312 MWh, 63 712m3 water and 826 847 litre of oil and contributed to overall decrease CO2 production by 3242 tons.
Members of associations:
  • Asekol – FAST / SENCOR is a member of the Asekol responsible for collection, transport and recycling of worn-out and obsolete EEE